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"Your presentation gave the students an exceptional opportunity to take part in a truly unique learning experience. It allowed them to express their creative thinking and opinions in an atmosphere of total acceptance. This type of activity is so essential in building self-esteem and motivating the students in a positive way."

About FotoFantasy
From 1992-1995, the "FotoFantasy Creative Writing Through Creating Seeing" program was a popular addition to the curriculum in elementary and middle schools in the Greenwich, Connecticut and Westchester/Putnam County, NY area. It was included among offerings of the Northern Westchester BOCES. In 2011, after a 15-year career as a web publisher, corporate training designer and project manager, program developer Anne Savino is bringing FotoFantasy back to the classroom.

At the center of all program activities are the original copyrighted FotoFantasy images. These unique images have been granted many exhibitions including group exhibitions in SOHO, a solo exhibition in Midtown Manhattan and a solo museum exhibition in Barlesville, Oklahoma. When coupled with stimulating exercises, they produce very valuable results in the classroom. By switching the cerebral emphasis from the statistically oriented left brain function to the perception oriented right brain, these images facilitate entry into the deepest chambers of the imagination. They reach beyond the limits of cultural and language barriers, evening the playing field for all students.

The objectives of this program are to introduce students to and improve their use of higher thinking, to stimulate their use of creative problem solving and to encourage them to have confidence in their own perceptions, all of which lead inevitably to increased self-esteem. Through the power of the imagination, the students discover their own uniqueness and learn to respect the uniqueness of others.

Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on opening avenues of communication among students and between students and teachers. Students are encouraged to express their feelings in their writing and artwork...and they do! Because, when there are no right or wrong answers, it's exciting to invent solutions to their problems, solutions over which they have the ultimate control.

The program supports NYS Learning Standards for the Arts, Standards 1, 2 & 3 and is appropriate for grades 3 to 12. Single 1 hour sessions up to week long Residencies are available. Programs can be designed to fit your curriculum.

Student Writing

My Picture Perfect Land

I'm in a picture,
A picture of peace,
Where all is well
And there is no disease.

This picture perfect land
That is all aglow
Is where love starts,
The wonderful love that I know.

A ripe red apple
Softly drops into my hand.
This is the apple of wonder,
So hard to understand.

In this picture perfect land
Where the air is clean,
I sit on the ground
Where the grass is green.

As I slowly take a bite
Into my apple so ripe and red,
I hear a blue bird churping
Inside my interested head.

In this picture perfect land,
I can see all my lost loved family.
They're flying and swaying,
Their faces all aglee.

This picture perfect land,
This land that I see,
Is the most beautiful place
There'll ever be.

No violence nor poverty,
Only peace and love.
The mysterious glowing path
Leads to destiny's mountain above.

Yes, this is the place.
The place where I want to be.

For additional information or to add your school to the FotoFantasy schedule, contact:

Anne Savino       914.522.8585 (cell)     Anne@CastleMall.com