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"This unique program expands divergent thinking as students interpret images from enlarged photos of stained glass patterns. The stimulation of the imagination serves as a springboard to student writing."

Classroom Activities
The FotoFantasy Educational Program is divided into segments, all of which are based on Segment #1 - The Introduction to FotoFantasy. This segment may stand alone or be followed by the additional segments.

The program is appropriate for students in grade K-12. Certain modifications are necessary in presenting to grade K-2 and grade 10-12. All segments of the program can be presented during regular classroom times and in the students' regularly assigned classrooms. The allows students to be comfortable and not to be distracted by unfamiliar settings. Teacher participation is encouraged.

Programs can be custom designed for the specific needs of your school. This is done in cooperation with teachers, cultural enrichment coordinators and administrators.

Segment #1 - Introduction to FotoFantasy

This is the foundation for all of the segments of the program that follow it. The introduction takes place during three consecutive days. In this segment, students learn to value the visual inspiration available to them in their everyday lives and to use it as an infinite source of creative writing starters.

Day 1 - (45 minutes - 1 hour session) - During this session students are exposed for the first time to the FotoFantasy images. They have the opportunity to develop their own interpretation of the colorful abstract images. Acting as the artists, they give their own titles to each of the images. These titles are the source of lively interaction. Together, we begin the story development process.

Day 2 - (45 minutes - 1 hour session) - Creative brainstorming is an essential element of the FotoFantasy program. Students actively share and contribute ideas to one another. Consequently, everyone ends up with a story to write about which the students are all enthusiastic. Students may use any form - prose or poetry - and design their own presentations. My assistance is available without limit to encourage the students to use their ideas well and write their stories successfully during this session.

Day 3 - (45 minutes - 1 hour session) - The students' FotoFantasy stories often contain remarkable, fascinating odysseys. Sometimes they even try to develop the fine art of humorous writing. Their poetry can be surprisingly moving. Whichever form they've chosen, the stories are all always received with great approval as students read their creations during this session.

Segment #2 - Creating Your Own Visual Inspiration

During this segment, students learn to create their own fantasy worlds. This segment takes place over three consecutive days.

Day 1 - (45 minutes - 1 1/2 hour session) - The technique of wet-on-wet watercolor is hardly ever taught in schools, probably because it's too messy. but, for our purposes, it's perfect. The excitement of watching paint move as they have never seen it move before is always a success with students of every age. The students experiment with their newly found artistic ability. Generally, they are quite prolific during this session. These paintings dry overnight.

Day 2 - (45 minutes - 1 hour session) - This session begins as a student art show. However, what we really have here is a great source of creative writing starters. The student paintings generate great excitement as we develop stories collectively for the remainder of the session. These stories are then written at home overnight.

Day 3 - (45 minutes - 1 hour session) - During this session students share the writing that was done based on their paintings.

Segment #3 - FotoFantasy World Journalism

Having the freedom to report the events of your day as you see them, giving your own colorful interpretation, can be quite inspiring. Journalistic writing is the subject of this segment, which takes place over two days, not necessarily consecutive days.

Day 1 - (45 minutes - 1 1/2 hour session) - What would you call a newspaper that reported the news of today in your fantasy world? As a group we invent the newspaper. Each student then becomes a reporter of today's news - the news in FotoFantasyland today. The writing skills of the journalist are developed. Illustrations may be included. Students prepare their newspaper articles overnight. This may be done individually or small groups may collaborate, each student covering his or her own angle on a story.

Day 2 - (45 minutes - 1 hour session) - The variety of styles, subjects and presentations is unlimited. During this session, we are indulged to a broadcast of the news via the FotoFantasy News Service. Students report the news as they saw it in their own FotoFantasy newspaper articles.

A photography program can be added but requires customization based on facilities and student grades.

After School programs can also be scheduled.

Student Writing

The Bird, One Wing

The bird, one wing it flew,

Flew higher, taller than all he knew.

Flew into night, days so bright.

Lifelong happiness, t'was his delight.

Wonderful is what we see,

But perfect he will never be.

For the bird just one wing, he flew,

But he's still loved by me and you.

For additional information or to add your school to the FotoFantasy schedule, contact:

Anne Savino       914.522.8585 (cell)     Anne@CastleMall.com