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"As you can see from the writing samples, your FotoFantasy was most helpful with the students' creative writing. Equally important, the warm and non-judgemental atmosphere you created in the classroom encouraged the students to write. I can't thank you enough for sharing your expertise!"

Student Writing Sampler
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Today, more than ever before, teachers and students, from Pre-K on, feel the pressure of time. Technological advances and other aspects of our rapidly changing world have so packed the curriculum that there is little time remaining for creative brainstorming.

In order to meet academic requirements, the majority of classroom time must be spent focusing on data, facts, memorization. That works to improve students' ability to read, comprehend and draw logical conclusions. Practice makes perfect!

But, what about the area of the brain responsible for abstraction, imagination, higher thinking, creative problem solving? Not much time remains for practice in those areas, threatening to leave them under-cultivated and under-utilized.

In order to address this matter, a program must go beyond the limits of cultural and language barriers. It must work within the confined time limits of the classroom period. It must provide a creative catalyst, an element that facilitates a rapid transition from the statistical to the creative mode of thinking. It must open a pathway by which each student can voyage into the huidden world of his or her own imagination. And it must give students the desire and confidence to share their unique visions with one another.

The pages that follow demonstrate what has been accomplished by students participating in the FotoFantasy program. Click the page number links to read the student writing.

"I hope you enjoy the stories as much as the children enjoyed the lesson! I would like to add my kudos for your presentation. You obviously enjoy what you do, and I applaud your ability to interact with the children and engage them immediately in the lesson. It was a fascinating morning for all of us."

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Click here to see scans of the original student writing.

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