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Student Writing #2
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Fantasy Land

One day I was taking a walk when I fell through a tunnel in the ground. I thought for sure I'd die right then and there but instead i landed on a sponge-like thing. Suddenly, it spoke.

What do you think you're doing, landing on the King of fire?"

At the word "fire", I jumped up. "You're lucky I had on a cold flame; if not, you would sizzle like bacon," said the King of Fire.

I said, "How do I get out of here?" He chuckled, then he laughed.

There's no way out that I know of!"

I began to run but I only got more lost. Then I heard voices. I ran towards them. I saw figures that wore crowns. They said, "Save our land, and take this," then they vanished. I picked up the object. It was a metal ring with a tiny button. I touched the button and a laser shot out of it. I put on the ring and ran.

Ahead I saw something coming out of a cloak and spitting venom. Without hesitation I shot it with the ring. At the same time I shot it, something fell from the cloak. It was a grappling gun.

I began walking in complete darkness. Suddenly I came to a clearing. I looked down and I was so surprised I almost did a somersault. I was standing on the edge of a canyon! Not only was it really deep but there was lava at the bottom! I took out my grappling gun and shot it across the canyon. I heard a sharp "ping!" I took a deep breath and jumped, holding onto the grappling gun. I was terrified. Not only because it was scary, but because I was close to the lava! A couple of seconds more and I would've been fried but I noticed a little button and not knowing what would happen, I fired at it. Suddenly, all the lava disappeared. then I looked up. It was about 1,000 feet up. I pressed a button on the grappling gun.

Suddenly I went up, real fast. As I was going up, I looked at the cliff. It was full of these things that were trying to get me in their grasp. Polyps! I began swinging to get away from them. Finally I got to the top of the canyon. At the top there was a key. I put it in my pocket.>/p>

Ahead, there was a cave. I went inside. Instead of going into complete darkness, I came to a clearing. Right in the middle of the clearing was the most horrifying creature I had ever seen. It was a bear in a turtle's shell that could breath fire. I shot it in the back with the laser but the laser bounced back at me. I ducked, and it smashed a stone wall. I climbed up a tree and shot at his head. His head went in his shell! I figured this was no place for me. I shot out the grappling hook, scaled the wall, and jumped down.

Suddenly, I bumped into a monster. It was so ugly I just stared at it. As it charged I shot the grappling hook up and pressed a button on the grappling which made me go up. As I was going up I shot it with a laser. At the same time I shot it, a ring came out of nowhere. I picked it up and pressed a button on the ring and out went a powerful spray of water. I put on the ring and ran.

Ahead I saw a flame. I grinned and hid behind a rock. Quite unexpectedly I heard voices.

"King of Fire, I want you to rid me of that boy! The next time you see him, kill him!" said a voice.

"Yes sir!" said a deep and familiar voice. I noticed the voice at once.

"Ah ha!" I said to myself. "I think I'll give the King of Fire a drink!"

I jumped into sight. But all I saw was the King of Fire.

Freeze!" he said. I kept on going. Suddenly, he shot a bolt of fire at me. I was ready for this. I drew out my ring and I shot the flame with my water shooter and then I shot the King of Fire. I then rounded a corner and saw a locked door. I opened the locked door with the key. No sooner had I unlocked the door when I heard a voice. It seemed familiar to me. I flung open the door. Who should I see but the bear turtle. Behind him I saw a huge diamond on a table. With an angry snort of rage he charged. Instead of running away, I stepped to the side at the last moment and "smash!" The bear turtle had broke down the locked door. He lay still. I checked his heart. It was still beating. He was unconscious for the moment.

I went over to the table. On the table there was a note. This is what it said: "He who takes this jewel from the palace will gain infinite powers". I picked up the jewel and at that instant I appeared in a different place. It was the palace. I placed the diamond in the throne and that is how I restored peace to the land of Fantasy.

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